Afrikaans Annual Financial Statements




We aim to maintain Naspers as a sustainable business, not only in terms of the environment, but also in terms of sustainable profits. We view this process as a journey, not a destination, and we endeavour to ensure that our values and philosophy on sustainable development demonstrate this.

The section on non-financial performance focuses mostly on social and environmental projects. More detail is available on our group site, In time, as our various initiatives evolve and mature, we will demonstrate the nature and quality of our group’s impact on society and the planet as a whole. By harnessing our global infrastructure, expertise and ability to innovate and adapt in a changing world, we aim to address challenges such as education, skills development and environmental sustainability. We have developed this report with the same themes in mind. We hope to improve the living conditions of our employees, their families and the communities in which we operate, ultimately balancing profit, people and planet.

The value added statement illustrates how the group distributes its earnings to employees, providers of capital and governments and how much it retains for reinvestment. In the past year the group has paid some R10,6bn (31% of wealth created) to employees, which includes salaries, bonuses and benefits, as well as the cost of training and participation in the group share incentive schemes.

We contributed R9,2bn (or 27% of the wealth created) to local governments where we have operations, comprising tax on company profits, tax on our employees’ salaries, other taxes on companies, skills development levies, etc.

To fund our expansion and growth strategy, we rely on investors and debt providers, who in turn are compensated by dividends, share price appreciation and interest payments. This accounts for 12% of total earnings distributed. The remaining 30% has been reinvested to ensure we maintain a sustainable group that enriches people’s lives, provides jobs to over 28 000 people (excluding associates and joint ventures) and contributes to the governments of countries in which we operate.