Afrikaans Annual Financial Statements




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We are building a multinational group of ecommerce and media platforms to give users trading opportunities, entertainment, information, gaming and access to friends, wherever our users may be. Our expertise lies in ecommerce, connecting people, distributing media products, creating media content ourselves and encouraging our users to do so, plus selling advertising. We like to manage paying subscribers. We also want to be useful in the communities we serve.

Examples of how we do this.
These are illustrated in case studies in this report and on our sustainability platform
Examples of how we do this.
Online content is now available for many of our newspapers and magazines including Die Burger, Beeld, SARIE, SARIE Winkel and City Press. Media24's efashion business Spree supplemented women's apparel with new categories such as home decor and a children's department.
Examples of how we do this.
MultiChoice's African DStv platform now delivers entertainment to 8m households, up 20% year on year. The Compact bouquet (our middle-market product), which targets the emerging market, has grown steadily and our GOtv service is gaining traction. We have increased our investment in own-produced local content.
Examples of how we do this.
We are growing our core internet business and broadening our base by rolling out new services, efficient marketing and giving customers what they want, with an increased focus on mobile.
Examples of how we do this.
Focus on markets with higher growth potential, where we can achieve sustainable positions. Over the past year these have been Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. We have made a number of investments in businesses such as Flipkart, Souq and redBus.
Examples of how we do this.
Bursaries valued at R4,5m were awarded by MultiChoice during the year. With 219 bursaries awarded in 2013, total bursaries since 2008 exceed 780. Introduced the Naspers Academy in 2013 to take people to the next level. We introduced segment specific conferences and training for our ecommerce segments.

We are not a creative entity (eg a movie studio or advertising agency), an IT business or a telecommunications company. We develop solutions for the trading, media, entertainment and communication needs of individuals. We understand how to read technology trends, identify consumer needs and develop solutions to their problems, collect fees, sell advertising, write code and partner with entrepreneurs.

We aspire to be strong operators in the ecommerce space. Accordingly, we are reorganising our businesses into global units (eg internet, etail, pay television and print media) under dedicated management. These units in turn invest to increase cohesion in terms of strategy, technology, systems and talent management. Specialisation will lead to expertise, innovation and speed, which we believe will lead to sustainable advantages in the long run.

We continually seek opportunities to benefit from these insights within the constraints of our expertise and funds. For a fuller understanding of our group in context, we summarise key indicators in our major operating regions below.

  %   MOBILE
  %   PPP* GDP
  Africa and Middle East 1 407   364   26   1 160   82   8 564   6 087  
  China 1 367   618   45   1 347   99   14 625   10 699  
  Eastern Europe 212   95   45   286   >100   3 077   14 514  
  India 1 255   187   15   953   76   5 425   4 323  
  Southeast Asia 822   249   30   616   75   4 729   8 253  
  Latin America 573   268   47   550   96   7 613   13 286  
  Russia 141   81   57   237   >100   2 629   18 645  
  Western Europe 408   338   83   540   >100   15 285   37 463  

*Purchasing power parity.
Sources: IMF, BOA Merrill Lynch, CNNIC